Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guerilla Bake Stand in Temescal!!!

Hi there!
You can now get my cakes, cupcakes, muffins, scones, and pies just OUTSIDE the Temescal farmer's market on Sundays from 9am until 1pm! 438 Avon Street at Miles in Oakland. I also feature Ritual Coffee, french-press style. Come on by, have a treat and enjoy the beautiful cobblestone garden!


Sile Convery said...

how about being a vendor at the monthly craft sales at knit-one-one---the next one is June 27. to find out more about us---maybe more than you want to know!

we'd love to have you!


Carol said...

Wondrous pastries! I hope you will have a booth @ the OCT.10th street fair in the Dimond district!!! The website w/all info just went live, see: - Puh-leese be there!!!
---your latest cupcake fan!

Carol said...

CORRECTION: (ah kint spel!)

Oct. 10 2009, in 'The Dimond'
Fruitvale @ MacArthur

Hope you will be there!

only me said...

Your cupcakes look delicious! Do you do catering for cupcakes? I am interested in placing a 100+ order. Please email me karen [at] karenism [dot] com.

Mike said...

I own a cupcake cafe in Chapel Hill, NC and was wondering, as a fellow cupcaketeer,if I could pick your brain about a particular pastry obstacle. I'm interested in getting involved in local farmer's markets here as well, but as it gets so hot here and the cupcakes can be fickle (particularly our ganache) I wanted to pull from your experience and see if you had any suggestion as far as combating the issue of having things melt in the display case. We have backup coolers custom made to hold the beauties, so that's not the issue, just for display purposes, I was curious if you had ideas...Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and keep spreading the cupcake love!
Mike Taylor
Bliss Boutique Bakery

Avenelle said...

I have tried to purchase cupcakes for the last two sundays and I couldn't find it...just houses, no bake stand. Please confirm the 9am open time and stand location.


dish said...

Celeste! where have you been? Are you going to be selling this Sunday? We miss you.

-Tricia, Charlie, and Kaia