Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flavors for the week of August 25th!!!

Hi guys!
Sorry for the late post...
The cupcakes at Ruby's GArden now are Banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting and caramel.
And thanks for all the love regarding last week's cupcakes! That makes me very happy.
Not sure what flavor I will be dropping off tomorrow the 29th, but I will post it when I know.
My daughter just went to bed and now I must try to keep my own eyes open.
See you soon!


Denise said...

Oh why do I come to this site when I am hungry! Yummmm!

Maybe your next flavor can be the one you are doing for my daughter? The apple one??? :)

the cake ladies said...

I was thinking of doing the applesauce one, actually!
How funny...